Family Leadership Summit 2020 has ended
PAUSD 2nd Annual Family Leadership Summit
February 22nd from 8:30-2 at Gunn High School

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for a session is not required, however, space is limited as sessions will be in general classrooms with seating for 25-30 participants. Feel free to move around on the day-of if rooms are full. Sessions are EACH 45 minutes, so one session per block. Please sign-up for one session per block with four total session blocks.

You will notice at the end of the title of the Session the organization the information comes from, in relation to the speakers. We hope this helps frame the session content.

TRANSLATION SERVICES: Translation will be made available in specific rooms. Any presentations in those rooms will offer Spanish and Mandarin as languages translated. We do apologize if your language is not supported, and we ask that you please let us know about this so we can do better in the future. The rooms are:
K Building Rooms - 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11
P Building Rooms - 115, 116, 231

If you have questions, please email Miguel Fittoria at mifittoria@pausd.org
avatar for Jacqueline Selfridge-Hombaker

Jacqueline Selfridge-Hombaker

Program Specialist for Secondary Programs
Jackie joined the district in August 2015 as an Education Specialist at Gunn High School. She was born and raised in a small town in Illinois and moved to California upon her acceptance of the job offer at Gunn. In 2018, she graduated with a Master of Arts in Education Leadership from Santa Clara University and was motivated to seek leadership opportunities in the district. She was hired as a Program Specialist this past June. Jackie supports the special education programs for each of our secondary sites, as well as the post-secondary program.
Jackie enjoys traveling, hiking, and reading and her newlywed life with her husband, Steve.